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Odysseia-in is proud to work with a professional and addicted team who shares its passion for travel and nature. Our guides are all well trained and certified mountain guides or tour guides and wine experts with special interests and profound knowledge in many different themes like history, anthropology, religion, archaeology, architecture, wildlife, botany, ornithology, ecology, etc.

Our Guides

Asen Marinov
Mountain & Tour Guide

Asen has more than 15 years of experience in guiding and mountaineering in all major Bulgarian mountains, Dolomites, Rockies, Apalatian Mountains, Utah and Grand Canyon, Mt Olympos. He has graduated in Modern Greek Philology and Classical guitar. Asen is a keen guitar player, photographer and yoga instructor.

Vassil Todev
Mountain & Bike Guide

Vassil is a person with various interests. He has graduated in Geography at Sofia University and is well familiar with GIS. He enjoys the outdoors on foot and by bike. He is the founder of BikeArea Association and Beglika Camp. Vassil organizes children and student summer camps in remote mountain areas.

Ivaylo Katerski
Wine Expert & Tour Guide

Ivaylo is our wine expert - WSET® CERTIFIED Level 2 Wines & Spirits (passed with distinction) by the London Wine & Spirit School, also a certified tour guide. He speaks fluently English and German, regularly visits wine events in Bulgaria and also adores travelling. So he is definitely well familiar with the “wine map” of Bulgaria and his knowledge is up-to-date. Wine is his passion, hobby, interest but not his profession – and this is on purpose so. Profession may invisibly turn itself into routine and routine kills passion. He is determined not to lose the pure pleasure of drinking and enjoying wine and sharing it with his guests!

Yordan Georgiev
Mountain & Tour guide

Yordan is a licensed mountain and tour guide of English-speaking groups. When on shore, he can be seen hiking in the mountains, exploring new routes or just “roaming” in the wild. Yordan also loves biking; whether on a paved or unpaved road, it always takes you to beautiful places, because that is Bulgaria – small enchanting village, nestled along centuries-old forests or charming meadows with an abundance of wild flowers and orchids. And of course, we shouldn’t forget that Yordan is also a climber. When he is away from the mountains, Yordan is most likely at sea. As a professional sailor on research vessels, our resident environmentalist has been to many places around the world. He can fascinate you with interesting stories about the polar bears in the Arctic; the monkeys trying to steal your lunch on a hike in Singapore or Taiwan; the thousands of people taking a stride in the South Korean mountains; Okinawa’s venomous snakes, used by locals to produce the very special Habu Sake; or the mushroom shaped islands of Palau in the Pacific Ocean…Yordan’s latest passion is flying. So if you want to go on a hike and fly mission in Bulgaria, he will be the one to take you!

Denitza Petrova

Denitza has been a mountain guide since 2004, guiding in Bulgaria and Montenegro. She is passionate about nature protection. She used to work as a field teacher in environmental education in the Redwoods in California. She has been part of the environmental movement in Bulgaria for over 15 years. Denitza likes to share her love for nature, as well as her love for Bulgarian folklore music and dancing.

Wolfgang Brauchle
Mountain & Tour guide

Wolfgang or as we call him Wole was born and raised in Germany, but love has brought him to Bulgaria where he still lives with his family. In Bulgaria he began a state training and received his certification for a mountain guide. Wolfgang has many years of experience in leading foreign and domestic groups in Bulgaria and other foreign countries. His first experience was in Germany as a tour leader of a cycling group and after it as a castle and cave guide in French Switzerland. Since 2012 he has been a tour leader for Odysseia-In. He is fluent in English and Bulgarian. He is already very familiar with history, culture, geography, nature and how to communicate with the local people. He has the German discipline but also the Bulgarian humour, so you will never be bored in his company.